Dormitory Overview

◎Housing and Dining

The campus has 26 dormitories which can accommodate 8,500 students.


1、Graduate Dorms and College Dorms:
There are 2,200 available spaces for graduate students. Graduate Dorms: Women/Men Graduate 1st Dorm, Guo Qing Women/Men Graduate 3rd Dorm , Men 2nd Dorm, Men 4th Dorm  ,Men 6th Dorm , Men 8th Dorm, Women 4th Dorm, and Women 6th Dorm.
There are 6,600 spaces available for undergraduate students. Eight dorms which are classified under College Men Dorms: Men 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Dorm, and Men 8th Dorm. There are eight Women dorms: Women 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th Dorm, and Freshman Women Dorm.
Students (both graduate and undergraduate) of College of Medicine and Public Health will be designated to Men 2nd Dorm and Women 6th Dorm.

2、Dorm Facilities
Dorm facilities include bedroom furniture(bed frame without mattress, desk, lamp, book shelf, chair, and closets), bathroom, internet, telephone, vending machines, automatic washers & dryers,newspaper, telephone card dispensers, automated teller machines, study lounges, reading rooms, lounges, movie and television viewing rooms, hot water(available all day), safety precautions, and air condition, and etc.

3、Dormitory Cafeterias and Convenience Stores/Commissaries
Men 1st Dorm、Men 5th Dorm、Men 8th Dorm、Graduate 1st Dorm and Guo Qing Graduate 3rd Dorm all have campus convenience stores/commissaries which provide necessary supplies for students. Women 6th Dorm, Women 9th Dorm, Freshman Women Dorm, Men 1st Dorm, Men 2nd Dorm , and Men 7th Dorm all have cafeterias.

4、NTU Dorm Renovation and BOT
Due to the aged dorm buildings, NTU is renovating to provide a better living environment and living quality for NTU students. NTU had carried out a 6 year renovation plan for all old dorms.
On the other hand, the demand for bed spaces is more than what the school can supply, and therefore, NTU has partnered with a private organization to build BOT Residential Houses. We are expecting an increase of 3500 bed spaces to solve the bed space insufficiency problem that NTU is now experiencing.

No. Dormitory Dormitory Semester Fee Summer Dorm Fee People per Room
M1 Men 1st Dorm TWD$ 8,200 TWD$3,280 4
M2 Men 2nd Dorm TWD$10,000 TWD$3,940 4
M3 Men 3rd Dorm TWD$9,200 TWD$3,640 4
M4 Men 4th Dorm TWD$8,000 TWD$3,140 4
M5 Men 5th Dorm TWD$10,200 TWD$4,040 4
M6 Men 6th Dorm TWD$9,300 TWD$3,740 4
M7 Men 7th Dorm TWD$9,900 TWD$3,940 4
M8 Men 8th Dorm TWD$9,500 TWD$3,740 4
51 Men 1st Graduate Dorm TWD$10,200 TWD$4,040 2
53 Men 3rd Graduate Dorm TWD$1,1900 TWD$4,700 2
52 Freshman Women Dorm TWD$9,700 TWD$3,840 4
F1 Women 1st Dorm TWD$9,300 TWD$3,740 4
F2 Women 2nd Dorm TWD$10,000 TWD$3,940 4
F3 Women 3rd Dorm TWD$10,000 TWD$3,940 4
F4 Women 4th Dorm TWD$9,900 TWD$3,940 4
F5 Women 5th Dorm TWD$7,900 TWD$3,160 4
F6 Women 6th Dorm TWD$10,300 TWD$4,140 4
F8 Women 8th Dorm TWD$8,000 TWD$3,200 4
F9 Women 9th Dorm TWD$8,200 TWD$3,280 4
51 Women 1st Graduate Dorm TWD$10,000 TWD$3,940 2
53 Women 3rd Graduate Dorm TWD$12,900 TWD$5,100 2

  • Low-income households are accommodation fee free.
  • Middle/low-income households can have three-tenths deductions of accommodation fees.
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